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Colder seasons can be unpredictable that pose various challenges to your home’s plumbing. With the temperature remaining low most of the time, the water in your pipes can be affected, which can lead to heavy bills over the winter. 

The winter is the busiest time, and you could end up waiting for a while before you get your issues resolved. But, rest assured, here at Herofix we focus on being efficient and help you stay warm and stress-free throughout the year, including winter.

What are the common winter plumbing issues?

Sometimes you could face unforeseen plumbing circumstances that can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Yet, we are here to help you identify and prepare for the most common plumbing issues that you can face in winter:

Frozen Pipes

With the temperature in the winter season remaining low all the time, it is quite common for both your outdoor and indoor pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes could mean no water flow. This often leads to extreme pressure in your water pipes, resulting in pipes bursting. 

You could learn how to avoid frozen pipes by following these precautions, such as leaving one of the taps in your home opens slightly for the constant running of water. However, if you are worried about the water bill, then you could consider shutting off the outside valves to turn off your outside water supply. You could also consider a light layer of insulation to prevent your water pipes from freezing. However, if you are unsure or need to repair your water pipe, book an appointment to diagnose and get it resolved within minutes.

Clogged drains

As much as we enjoy our festive season by cooking, drinking, and eating, we often tend to forget about what can slip into our drainage system. Small things such as grease, fat, and food can often pile up and cause clogged drains, which can lead to an expensive bill and cost you your precious time. 

You could avoid clogged drains in the kitchen by simply clearing off your plates before washing them or by taking some careful measures to ensure no grease, fat, or food is down the drains. However, not everything goes according to the plan when you have kids, friends, and family around. Therefore, for these sorts of moments, you can simply book an appointment without stressing out and we’ll guide you through the best way forwards.

Water leaks

This is one of the most common issues that can happen at any time of the year. However, the law of science predicts that with a sudden drop in temperature, the metal in your water pipes can shrink with water expanding. This sudden change in reaction could lead to loose fittings and damaged seals, ultimately pressurising the waterline and making it prone to splitting and causing leaks.

Broken water heaters

With friends and family filling your house in holidays, your baths, showers, and kitchen can be the busiest place, which means high use of hot water. But what if the hot water stops running or what if it fails to reach up to your set temperature? To diagnose and get you back on that warm water, please, contact your Herofix team or book a video call appointment.