Bathroom Installations

Do you have an issue with replacing or fitting a new bathroom?

Herofix can help you plan your project and give expert advise in a 15 minute video call

Save Money

A 15 minute video call costs only £15, great money spent before undertaking a big project, making sure you do the job right first time.

Save Time

Everyone has heard the saying, “measure twice cut once”. Jump on a video call before starting the job, to make sure you avoid making any silly mistakes.

Learn New Skills

You’ll be safely shown how to undertake small tasks and specific jobs, giving you skills for life, that you can use again and again.

Get expert help with your bathroom installation

Within 15 minutes all your questions could be answered

DIY Bathrooms

We applaud anyone who is going to take on a bathroom refurbishment. It is a great DIY achievement. There is a lot to consider, so from the bath and to the toilet, each detail needs to be carefully thought through, and a 15-minute video call with a professional would go a long way to avoiding little mistakes. Here at Herofix, we can help guide and provide you with top tips on how to fit or install a bathroom.

  • Replacing or fitting a bath can be a great improvement, as a new bath can be more efficient in keeping the water warm, as well as freshening up your bathroom.

  • Showers, toilets, basins, and towel rails installs are all worthwhile jobs to have a go at yourself.


Need help with your bathroom installation?

How can we help you with your bathroom installation?

Book a video call with an experienced professional to discuss your bathroom refurbishment, so you start the job the right way and end with a perfect finish.

Save time

Save money

Learn skills for life

More satisfaction in doing the job yourself

Book a call at your convienence

Why choose us?

You might be wondering why you would use us and not just call out a plumbing engineer to your home, let’s help answer that for you…

Live guidance and support when you need it.

You have already got as far as starting the project, so you must be slightly handy. Video calls are perfect for that key bit of advise, on the specific job at hand. You can also spend hours watching YouTube videos, never quite seeing exactly the answer is to your question.

Save time, money and be more eco-friendly.

Plumbing and heating companies can charge anywhere between £60 – £250 for one call-out, before they’ve even fixed the problem.

You only need to spend £15 with us, not only will you be saving money, you’re also contributing to a greener planet by avoiding a plumbers journey in a van.

Find out what our customers say


Great service!

Couldn’t recommend the HEROFIX more! They managed to fit us in at incredibly short notice for a video consultation. Son was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

Not to mention, this video appointment was free of charge due to my girlfriend working in the NHS.

SMC from London

Quick and very effective

Really great service and extremely useful in the current climate. My issue was resolved quickly and would use again.

Anonymous from Manchester

Sensible and Simple Advice

Had been worrying about certain aspects of my heating and gas flue for a while. Son gave me excellent advice which has set my mind at rest. It was so simple and he explained things to me in easy to understand terms. Would definitely use them again.

Helena from Lewisham

An experienced team of certified plumbing engineers

Providing no-obligation advice to help you resolve your plumbing problem

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. There are many skills needed in a bathroom, not just plumbing. Electrics, plastering, tiling, decorating, and carpentry too. So be prepared for a big job and to learn a lot.

Absolutely! Freshening up your bathroom or making a bathroom your own in a new home is one of the most rewarding jobs you can undertake.

For the environment, yes. Baths use a lot more water than showers. Although it also depends on your needs and lifestyle. Children are more suited to baths, while showers are a lot quicker and more economical.

There is no specific time as there are so many deciding factors. When the time is right. I’m sure a bathroom showroom salesperson would have a different answer 😉

Who are Herofix®?

The first step of solving a plumbing or heating problem in your home should start with a video call with an experienced professional.

They can explain the skills and give you the knowledge of how to fix a problem yourself. If the problem can not be fixed with your hands, then they should be able to diagnose the issue and give you directions for what to do next.

The aim is to save you time and money. By jumping on a video call within the hour, you’ve saved the time of waiting for a plumber to arrive and potentially avoided an unnecessary call out.

At a fraction of the cost of a plumbers first hours labour charge, you could have fixed the heating problem or diagnosed the problem saving big money.

Need a plumbing or heating engineer?

Save time, money and the environment by booking a video call with a plumber at a convient time for you