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Learn about the common winter heating & boiler problems and the essential checks you can run to avoid issues during winter.

With winter season kicking off across the UK, it is about time to turn on your boiler and check your central heating is working properly.

Failing to keep your boiler running during winter can not only cause frustrations but also impact your health negatively causing various problems such as common cold, pneumonia, and many more.

Learn about some of the most common heating problems that one may experience in winter and how you can overcome the obstacles.

Essential winter checks

With failure in the boiler functioning properly, you could have a difficult time during winter with various issues such as no heating, boiler not turning on or not responding to the thermostat, heating circulation problem, and more. Therefore, to avoid some of these issues, we recommend running these basic checks and being ready for winter:

  1. Be ahead of the colder months – Do not wait until the start of the winter months to turn on your boiling and heating systems. It would be a good practice to run the central heating for a good few minutes early to ensure your boiler and radiators are all working properly.
  2. Turn off your heating and bleed your radiators – If you experience weird noises coming through your radiators or uneven temperatures, then you might want to turn off and bleed your radiator. This is essential for releasing trapped air and improving water circulation. Once you’ve successfully done this, we would advise checking your boiler pressure.
  3. Servicing your boiler – It is highly advisable to get your boiler serviced before winter to avoid any unnecessary surprises. By servicing your boiler, you can have peace of mind for it to be in optimum working condition.

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