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Water Leak Emergency Plan

Here is our ultimate guide on what, when, and how to check for leaks. What leaks? It’s a pretty simple answer, anything plumbing-related in your home. The starting places to look are…

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A guide to plumbing leaks

The feeling of spotting a leak in your home is never great, and they always seem to crop up at the wrong time. They come in all shapes and sizes, with the…

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Common winter plumbing problems

Colder seasons can be unpredictable that pose various challenges to your home’s plumbing. With the temperature remaining low most of the time, the water in your pipes can be affected, which can…

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Ideal Boiler Error Codes

Do you have an Ideal boiler that’s misbehaving? If so, the error code that it’s displaying can help you to identify the likely fault. Your boiler manual should contain a list of…

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Main Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Main boiler error code showing on your boiler? All boilers go wrong from time to time. But are you facing a major issue with your Main boiler or…

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Keston Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Keston boiler? If it’s not performing as it should and you can’t find the manual, there’s no need to worry. Below we’ve provided (almost) all of the Keston…

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Vaillant Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Vaillant boiler error code problem? Do you have a Vaillant boiler? If so, and if it’s acting up, this list of Vaillant models and their error codes could…

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Viessmann Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Viessmann Boiler Error Code problem? Even the most reliable boiler can occasionally malfunction. If your Viessmann boiler is displaying an error code and you don’t have the manual…

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Vokera Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Vokera Boiler Error Code problem? Is your Vokera boiler giving you trouble? If it’s not working as it should, check the boiler to see if it’s displaying an…

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Error Codes

Do you have a Worcester Bosch boiler error code problem? Where do you keep your Worcester Bosch boiler manual? If finding it involves spending time rummaging through drawers, we can save you…

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Boiler Error Codes

Everything you need to know about boiler error codes Let’s face it: there’s never a good time for a boiler to break down. Whether it’s in the middle of winter and you’re…

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